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Rejuvenators Massage

Start Healing with Mobile Massage


  All our mobile massage services come to you.

You can reap the full health and recovery benefits of your treatment from the comfort of your home or vacation rental.

Rejuvenators Massage believes in giving your body the time  and space it deserves to heal and recover through massage on your own, as a couple, as a group, or prenatal massage. 

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Therapeutic or relaxation massage 

Our sports background allows us to treat your body through a range of deep tissue techniques, understanding the intricate connections within the body. We complement our massage treatments with self-management education such as rolling techniques, specific stretches, or other modalities so you can continue to recover on your own between appointments. 


Couples massage 

Deepen your connection with a partner, friend, or family member. Our couples massage in Canmore is a simultaneous treatment for two provided by two of our skilled therapists in your home or hotel. 

For booking Couples, please send text or email 403-688-4542

Group massage 

Book a time to recover from your mountain adventures or promote group bonding while gaining all the same benefits of an individual massage. A mobile group massage saves you time as we can come with up to 4 therapists at once. Prearranging your group’s relaxation time ensure everyone truly unwinds and can bring their best selves to your special time in the mountains. 

Send us a text, call or email to enquire about best configuration for your group needs

403-688-4542 or

Prenatal massage 

Your body is undertaking a life-changing endeavour. Prenatal massage provides the benefits of regular therapeutic massage with added attention to the needs of and support for your changing body. Experience the pain reduction, increased circulation, and relaxation an intuitive and skilled therapist can bring to your prenatal massage from your home in Canmore.  


Energy work

Immerse yourself in a healing treatment that invigorates your body, mind, and soul. Passionate about healing the whole, we provide energy work treatments including: 

Chakra clearing


Soul retrievals 

Eden Energy Medicine